uSPEQ and Accreditation

An organization needs data to measure its performance and demonstrate the effectiveness of its services. The CARF standards require it. The ASPIRE to Excellence® sections on performance measurement, management, and improvement require ongoing measurement of stakeholder satisfaction using a valid and reliable tool. uSPEQ provides a tool that is statistically proven to be reliable.

uSPEQ questionnaires were developed by experts with input from the field to collect data in a standardized way. The uSPEQ report provides organizations with benchmark comparisons to see how the organization performs as compared to others. uSPEQ alone will not satisfy all requirements of the CARF standards. You must collect data on an ongoing basis and use the information to create action plans.

uSPEQ data is kept completely walled off from the accreditation activities of CARF. Also, even though organizations’ use of uSPEQ surveys can help them to satisfy part of the CARF standards, during accreditation surveys they must independently demonstrate their collection, analysis, and use of the data.

Transforming Outcomes Institute

This three-day training institute takes you through the steps required to plan and conduct a program of outcomes management and quality improvement, including:

  • Outcomes system design and data collection.
  • Data analysis, interpretation, and management reporting.
  • Identification of areas for quality improvement activities based on findings.