About Employee Climate Survey


The uSPEQ® Employee Climate Survey is a turnkey data collection and reporting system designed to assist organizations with performance improvement. It is an anonymous and confidential survey for employees to voice their:

  • Experiences and perspectives.
  • Satisfaction.
  • Needs.

uSPEQ Employee Climate Survey allows your organization to systematically gather and analyze feedback from your employees about their work environment. In turn, the provider uses the reported information to improve organizational climate.

uSPEQ Employee Climate Survey helps answer important organizational questions such as:

  • "What will help me retain my employees?"
  • "How can I assist my employees to do their jobs better?"
  • "What contributes to positive employee morale?"
  • "What works well here?"
  • "What needs to be improved?"


Employees are the backbone of your organization. They are the people planning, developing, and delivering products and services. Employees implement your mission and vision.

Satisfied employees experience better mental well-being (Faragher, Cass, & Cooper, 2005), including:

  • Less burnout.
  • Less depression.
  • Less anxiety.
  • Higher self-esteem.

High turnover rates are one of the major challenges faced by organizations today. The costs associated with employee turnover can represent as much as five percent of an annual operating budget (Waldman et al., 2004). In addition, research has shown that job candidates referred by an organization's employees tend to stay on the job longer (Nalbantian & Szostak, 2004).

Knowing how satisfied employees are provides important insight into the health and climate of your organization. As an independent third party, the uSPEQ Employee Climate Survey provides an important vehicle for your employees to voice their opinions and perceptions about organizational climate.

Happier, more engaged, and productive employees lead to increased customer satisfaction, better products and services, and organizational sustainability.

Organizational success graphic illustrating links between satisfied customers, satisfied employees, and better services

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