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As a leader at a health and human services organization, you hear from many people suggesting improvements to your services.

"Staff is caring"

"Love the menu"

"Got what I needed"

"My great new job"

"Making new friends"

"She can do what she wants now"

uSPEQ's Consumer Experience and Employee Climate survey tools accurately synthesize feedback from your key stakeholders into clear, concise messages that help you to improve the quality of your services.

"How can we gather the information we need to demonstrate accountability"

Many vendors provide survey services, but uSPEQ's unique three-tiered structure of questions is general enough to provide benchmarking data, yet specific enough to be useful for your quality improvement program.

Tiers 1 and 2 consist of field-tested and scientifically sound survey items based on more than ten years of research and data collection. Tier 3 consists of completely customizable items that you create to fit your survey goals.

Tier 1 and 2 survey items are already written specifically for health and human services providers, so uSPEQ provides extremely cost-effective options for surveying your consumers and employees.

Since questions are derived from universal concerns, uSPEQ is a cross-cutting tool, providing comparisons between various programs or departments within your organization.

With uSPEQ, you know the data you receive is valid, reliable, and accurate.

Developed by Ph.D. researchers with experience in psychometrics, the uSPEQ surveys have passed rigorous statistical validity tests and were field tested by more than twenty health and human services pilot sites.

But you don't have to be a researcher in psychometrics to understand your survey results. uSPEQ gathers and synthesizes your survey data into graphical reports that clearly identify your organization's strengths and best opportunities for improvement.

uSPEQ produces your survey reports every quarter, providing both timely data on your progress and historical benchmarks.

"uSPEQ feedback demonstrates we are accountable for the funds entrusted to us."

"Moreover, uSPEQ's periodic reports are presented in a logical, user-friendly format."

"..Being able to compare information from a national database will assist us in ensuring that our services remain focused on quality and aligned with best practices."

uSPEQ: Giving quality a voice.

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